Printed Sheets
Earthenware Jar Nativity Ornament Sheet
No instructions required: just take a few moments to create a unique Christmas centerpiece — two 11 x 8.5 sheets will give you two separate ornaments, or one that's finished on both sides

Create your very own special centerpiece in the few moments it takes to cut around the outline of the Earthenware Jar Nativity Ornament! You won't even need a string — just tucked it just about anywhere.
You may wish to create two separate ornaments — or join them, to create one finished on both sides.

Earthenware Jar Nativity Ornament — no instructions needed!

Look at the lovely arrangement, above: all it took to create this Christmas ornament is a pair of scissors and — literally! — a minute or two.

The Earthenware Jar Nativity Ornament is a single-layer version of a German vintage original from the Crèchemania Collection.

It measures 9.5 x 7 inches, and is presented two 11 x 8.5 quality sheets, ink-jet printed with fade resistant ink on heavyweight professional media paper.

A child would love creating this Christmas ornament

The beguiling art, the follow-the-outline easy cutting and your guiding hand? Easy as pie.

And it's almost ten-inch wide size allows its beautiful art to be highlighted.

The only thing missing in all these? The instructions! You won't need any to create this unique ornament.

The manger — housing a cow and a donkey and more clay jars from which this paper nativity takes its name — is capped by a straw roof and a five-pointed star that is often missing in vintage German originals.

A King of the East kneels at left, joined by Joseph who stands resting his arms on a shepherd's crook and at right, shepherds adore.

For a special touch, cut out the printed window panes and replace them with cellophane of your choice.

And, in the case where you are creating just one ornament, be sure to do this before joining the two pieces together.


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Printed Sheets
Earthenware Jar Nativity Ornament Sheet
In a matter of ments cut out these two beautiful 11 x 8.5 quality sheets — ink-jet printed on professional media paper — and create two separate ornaments, or join them into one, finished on both sides.
Item No: PMK No. 78S
Price: $9.95
Size: 9.5 x 7 inches.
Format: Printed Sheets
Sheets: 2
Skill Level: Beginner
Copyright: Crèchemania

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