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Bell Nativity
Four layers and fine lithography, that almost seems like hand-coloring, make this Premium Download special

Four layers and lithography that seems like hand-coloring give the Bell Nativity a unique look.
Included with your Premium Download is a version with no slots or tabs.
Having fun with variations

While the original vintage Bell Nativity snaps together with tabs and slots, another variation, without them,isalso included with your Premium Download.

It may not be evident in the small image at left, but there are no tabs or slots in this variation. (Mouseover the 5ththumbnail, above right, to see a larger image.)

Our step-by-step instructions guide you through the assembly, but basically in the tabless variation the manger is attached to the wrong side of the front.

The two angels that so organically hung from the upper tabs? They can now be attached to the front, using small spacers, if desired, to add to the 3D effect.

Tab or tabless, this is a very nice paper nativity. I can't wait to make it in miniature for my Crèche Tree!

Cut around the Star of Bethlehem — and allowed to shine above the Nativity!
Let the Star shine bright!

In working with the original version shown at left — with the star slanting to follow the folded roof — it occurred to me that a simple cut around the star and its dormer would make a word of difference.

See for yourself (image at below left) howthe Star of Bethlehem shines bright above the Manger, not folded back with the roof.

I like this effect, especially since — if you're decorating your Crèche Tree — you can insert a tiny bulb through the new roof opening an illuminate the manger.

Don't want a hole in your roof?

Another variation is yet possible, and available with your Premium Download: a separate roof — without a hole! — and a separate star that is added on to the front.

Didn't quite follow all of the above?

Don't worry — our accompanying four page instruction won't let you down.

And remember: you won't need them at all to "snap" your nativity together!


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Premium Downloads
Bell Nativity
 A Créchemania Premium Download
There may be an instruction sheet included with the Bell Nativity, but you won't have to read a word:just snap it together as shown by mouseovering the small thumbnails above.
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Size: 4.5 x 7 x 1.25 inches.
Format: PDF
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Skill Level: Easy
Copyright: Crèchemania
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The vintage original that inspired the Bell Nativity was recently sold on the web for $261.62.

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