Zábrdské Betlémy
Svatava Nativity
A charming fold-out nativity from Zábrdske Betlémy’s Svatava Vizinová

Svatava's Nativity is a perfect Christmas decoration for the table or the tree. Cellophane over the manger window adds a nice glow.
Svatava Vizinová in her Zábrdské Betlémy Museum amidst her beloved nativities.

Nestled in the foothills of South Bohemia, in what once was a pub, I found Zábrdské Betlémy,home and Crčche Museum ofSvatava's Vizinová.

After my recent visit, I've been wanting to bring you all the photos and fond memories of Svatava, her thousands of books and probably nativities, hundreds of podmalby glass paintings, not to mention her friendly dos and ubiquitous house cats.

But before I could stop living out of a suitcase, come home, and start recollecting it all — I've been out of the country for a few months —
Svatava has sent me a new nativity.

"For your Christmas tree," she writes. "1907, maybe older… the date is on reverse, on hand[-written] dedication…"

And, then, she thoughtfully adds, "Not only for your Christmas tree… For everybody who would like it, of course :)" (Smiley face included in Svatava's note.)

And so, with my suitcase still unpacked, I couldn't resist the temptation: my idpod turned on, I spent delightful hours getting Svatava's scan ready for printing. A friend had done a nice improvement on the original, but it still needed some tender-loving-care. (You can read all about my it in my Blog.)

Then, with my close-up reading glasses on, I felt like a little kid cutting out Svatava's nativity, assembling it, and shooting it — so you might be inspired to do the same for your Christmas tree!

From Svatava Vizinová and Crčchemania.com, enjoy!

You'll enjoy browsing Svatava's ZÁBRDSKÉ BETLÉMY website where you'll see her "museum" and lots of its beautiful nativities and painted glass pictures. and, if you're in the Czech Republic, you'll love visiting ZÁ BRDSKÉ BETLÉMY, Zábrdí 1, 38421 p. Husinec, Czech Republic

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Hatvany -
Thank you so much for offering this beautiful nativity free. I will make it and give it to my granddaughter for the Christmas Holdiays.

Jackie S.

Pussywillow -
Thank you, Svatava! I love the faces on the Holy Family :). I've already made two miniatures of this one to use as ornaments and expect to be making larger ones for friends and family. It's just beautiful!

playkarlee@comcast.net -
Thank you. It's beautiful

lastastronaut -
So I'm a bit confused. The picture of this clearly shows a depth of 3 layers, but the download only has two pieces. They are really great looking, however, I think that forward most layer of extra figures gives it a much more attractive finished look.
Does anyone know where these pieces are, where that can be downloaded from. Thank you

Alexis -
Has my photography accomplished the impossible, seeming adding a non-existant laye?

Appearances not withstanding, there are only two layers in the Svatava Nativity.

To download this free nativity, just click the "Download" button.

Still holding out for third layer? Create it by using Photoshop to "cut out" the figures, adding a third layer.

Have fun!

Delfy45 -
Thanks You Is Beautiful

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Zábrdské Betlémy
Svatava Nativity
 Svatava Vizinová Free Download
Just two pieces — and a piece of cellophane — create the fold-out Svatava Nativity...
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