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The Manger Scene
A 1930s vintage punch-out inspires a 6-layer fold-out paper nativity

The two roof sections lift up and The Manger Scene folds down.

1930's punch-out The Manger Scene features the artwork of Corinne & Bill Bailey.

The Manger Scene folds flat, for easy storage.
A manger scene "To set up"

There's so much about the 1930's The Manger Scene to enthrall the crèche enthusiast.

There'sCorinne & Bill Bailey'sfine artwork, those rich, saturated colors.

There are twelve colorful figures: adoring angels and shepherds, and Magi in splendid raiment astride their even more splendidly adorned camels.

The Manger Scene (see image at left.)was originally issued by the Saalfield Publishing Company, Akron, Ohio, as a 10 page punch out "To Set Up."

As a table-top nativity scene, that is,arranged at will, with the base of the punched-out pieces folding back to create a stand depicting grass or straw.

It took a while for me to figure out how I wanted this paper nativity presented, and I've decided on the old stand-by: a fold-out with six layers that folds flat (see image at left) for easy storage.

But even with all those layers I couldn't accommodate those splendid Magi. Maybe there's another iteration of The Manger Scene yet to come?

I hope you'll enjoy this new, Crèchemania edition, of The Manger Scene.

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Mary Herzog -
One of my favorite sets but it is actually Corinne and Bill Bailey. Corinne Ringel and Bill Bailey were a married couple, both artists who did some lovely paperdolls and other paper toys.

Mary Herzog

Alexis -
Thanks, Mary, for pointing out that all-important ampersand!

oznickolaus -
The Wise Men should have been included as stand alone figures....

Alexis -
Thanks for your suggestion, which I might be able to incorporate were I to revisit this crèche.

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The Manger Scene
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A Premium Download to print and assemble a fold-out nativity of six layers inspired by a 1930s vintage punch-out edition from the Crèchemania Collection.
Design: Corinne & Bill Bailey
Item No: PMK No. 101
Price: $19.95
Size: 8.75 x 8 x 3 inches.
Format: PDF
Pages: 5
File Size: 4 MB
Attributes: Fold-out, 6 layers
Provenance: United States
Copyright: Crèchemania
Price Guide:
The 1930's vintage punch-out that inspired this nativity is offered elsewhere for $85.

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