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Vivid Miniature Nativity No. 1
Vibrant colors, a finished-look on all sides, and a small size makes this a perfect Christmas ornament for your tree

Shown almost twice the actual size of 3 inches wide, the Vivid Miniature Nativity No. 1 creates a lovely 3D effect.

You'll want to make all four Vivid Miniature Nativities!
Vivid Miniature Nativities 1-4 Collection

I'm very fond of these miniatures and thrilled to be sharing them with you.

Based on vintage nativity sheets in the Crèchemania Collection, they were designedas miniatures, so details are nice and sharp.

The colors? Vibrant, bright: reds, yellows, greens and blues decorate colorful stone mangers capped with geometric roofs. But No.2 takes the cake in the roof department, with its 4-sided slopping, diamond-decorated extravaganza.

Assembly is simple: all the mangers are folded from a single piece; the floor with the figures is attached; and the roof is added.

OK: I should also mention the addition of the magi standing at the door of No. 4, the angel floating on a cloud in No. 2, and the Bethlehem Star in all four.

And the best news is that the Vivid Miniature Nativities 1-4 Collection is available at a very special price!



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Premium Downloads
Vivid Miniature Nativity No. 1
 A Créchemania Premium Download
A Premium Download you can print again and again — filling your Christmas tree with colorful miniature nativities! Step-by-Step instructions are included.
Item No: PMK No.112
Price: $7.95
Size: 3 x 2.75 x 1.5 inches.
Format: PDF
File Size: 5.8 MB
Skill Level: Easy
Provenance: Germany
Copyright: Crèchemania
Price Guide:
Similar vintage nativity sheets are selling for over $60 on Internet sites.

Buy Vivid Miniature Nativity No. 1 as part of a collection, and save!
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Vivid Miniature Nativity No. 1 Combo
A quality Printed Sheet to create a colorful Christmas ornament and a Premium Download for a special price. Read more...

 PDF & Printed Sheet
$17.90 $12.95 You save 28%
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Vivid Miniature Nativities 1-4 Collection
A Premium Download of Vivid Miniature Nativities 1-4 for a special price Read more...

 Premium Download
$31.80 $21.95 You save 31%

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