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Wild Rose Nativity
A Premium Download of a stunning vintage paper nativity.

The charming Wild Rose Nativity features stunning art and five layers.

A candle flame burned a hole into the back of the Wild Rose Nativity. Notice the greenish tint of the vintage original.

A dose of TLC for the Wild Rose Nativity

One shudders at the thought of a candle setting fire to a paper crèche.

But that is what happened to the Manger of the Wild Rose Nativity.

The lovely glow of a candle flame shining through the orange cellophane window must have created a marvelous effect—until...

But the image at left also serves to show the state in which many vintage nativities reach Crèchemania.

This small image—besides the evident fire damage—does not show the scratches and tears of age that required days of painstaking photo editing to repair.

You can see the reconstructed Manger by mousing over the third small image, above right.

What it does show are the side tabs that inserted into the front, Shepherd layer, attached the Manger to the crèche.

These unsightly tabs marred the beautiful façade, so they were replaced by tabs that attach to the back of the front. The front slots were "painted" over.

Were there other refinements to the Crèchemania version of the Wild Rose Nativity?

Yes. For one, pruning the lovely, but overgrown roses, and allowing the Christ Child and the Magi to be better seen, as well as trimming a few of the palms.

We're grateful to good friend Celso Battistitni C. Rosa for sharing this beautiful nativity with us. Thanks, buddy!


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Premium Downloads
Wild Rose Nativity
 A Créchemania Premium Download
From the collection of Celso C. Battistini Rosa comes the Wild Rose Nativity, a Premium Download for you to print, cut, out, assemble, and enjoy! Lovely art and easy assembly make the Wild Rose Nativity a must for your collection. Thank you, Celso!
Item No: PMK No. 133
Price: $19.95
Size: 9.75 x 6.5 x 1.75 inches.
Format: PDF
Pages: 3
File Size: 9.6 MB
Skill Level: Beginner
Attributes: Five layers
Provenance: Germany
Courtesy: Celso Battistini
C. Rosa
Copyright: Crèchemania

© 2022

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