Die-cut Nativities
Candle Triptych
Bright candles light the Adoration of the Magi in this vintage pop-up triptych

The end panels fold in to create the Candle Triptych…

The Candle Triptych is made up of just one sheet.
This delightfully simple one-sheet nativity featuresThe Adoration of the Magi.

A Gloria in Excelsis Deo scroll and a five-pointed star crown the Nativity Triptych, and the gold gilt gives it glittering mosaic feel.

Framed by gothic windows filled with burning candles, this pop-up table-top nativity is simple to cut and fold.


In the diagram at left — seen larger by mousing over its thumbnail, above right — white dotted lines indicate cuts (with an
X-acto knife); yellow lines folds towards you, red folds away from you.Scoring with a pounce wheel or other blunt edge before folding is

After all the folds are made, line up side flaps under center base — and enjoy your brand-new nativity!

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Die-cut Nativities
Candle Triptych
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A few cuts and folds create a three-dimensional nativity…
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