Manger Scenes
Lambs Crèche
Another beautiful nativity from the collection of Jennifer Hooton…

The Lambs Crèche is made up of two pieces and requires just two cuts and two folds.
Two cuts — white lines; two folds — blue; insert the Holy Family piece into the side wall slots and your Lambs Crèche is "assembled!"
Is there no end to the goodness of Jennifer Hooton?

The Lambs Crèche is only the latest nativity from her collection that she is sharing with us. (The others are listed on the right.)

As the diagram at left shows — you can see a larger one if you mouseover the thumbnail, above — the Lambs Crèche requires only two pieces.

Cutting: I almost should have placed quotes around the word "assembly," above, because this crèche it so simple to create.

After cutting away all excess paper from your printout, cut along the two white lines. I like using an X-acto knife for this, but — especially if you have a child helping you, you can start these two cuts and have the child finish them with a scissors.The white outlines show that the cutting lines are either straight lines or curves, easy for a child to negotiate.

Folding: Fold the back wall away from you along the blue lines, being careful to have the sides, roof and bottom of the manger curve outwards. You can certainly have a fold — in the center of the star and of the bottom — but I think the effect just might be even more pleasing without them (see photo, top of page).

Thanks, Jennifer, for sharing this nice, simple, nativity with us.

Have fun!

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Pussywillow -
Thank you for this one too, Jennifer! Now I can give different nativities to children in the same family :). What a treasure! A variation on this one is to cut it open between the sheep & next to the star/banner & fold it like the vintage nativity (zig-zag the shepherds to the side to they don't hide the Holy Family).

Ammey -
These are so lovely. Many thanks for your generosity.

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Manger Scenes
Lambs Crèche
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