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In Search of The Nativity…

  1. In search of a Holy Family

    It's past midnight and I can hear the wind blowing outside, announcing yet another snow storm. But the fire is burning, Christmas carols are playing, and I'm working with our programmer wiz, Bernie, to find a bug that, suddenly, is telling you that your comments are not posting, when they really are. (So please do bear with us while we're working out the bugs.)

    It's so heartening to hear from so many of you, many, many more than clicked our "Post Comments" button. I thank you for ...
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  2. Christmas Day 2008

    The snow lay on the ground,
    The stars shone bright,
    When Christ our Lord was born
    On Christmas night.

    The words of this lovely carol echo in my mind this Christmas morning. A soft, white blanket covers the Midwest, making the trees look like rock candy.

    It's a time to light the fireplace and fill the house with mouth-watering aromas from the kitchen, with family, friends, and music.

    With our friend, composer Dan Goeller, at the piano, ...
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