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  1. Christmas Day 2008

    The snow lay on the ground,
    The stars shone bright,
    When Christ our Lord was born
    On Christmas night.

    The words of this lovely carol echo in my mind this Christmas morning. A soft, white blanket covers the Midwest, making the trees look like rock candy.

    It's a time to light the fireplace and fill the house with mouth-watering aromas from the kitchen, with family, friends, and music.

    With our friend, composer Dan Goeller, at the piano, ...
    Crèchemania Blog
  2. A Byzantine Nativity Hymn to accompany a Byzantine Crèche

    It's always good to hear from you, and I'm delighted that I can share some of my correspondence on these pages.

    Crèche Enthusiast Michelle Martin asked me about church music in San Francisco, where's she's going to be visiting. And her question brought to my mind a beautiful service I once attended at a Russian Orthodox church that bordered Golden Gate Park. I can still remember how moving it was to be hearing those angelic hymns, and what ...
    Crèchemania Blog
  3. For Auld Lang Syne — A Pompeiian House for Benjamin

    Michelle, who has been reading our Enthusiasts pages, writes, "It does seem that the seed was planted for Crèche collecting and art when they where children. Helping children make Crèches every year may spark that interest in a child that may have that special gift to create beauty."

    Michelle's words, coming a day after the New Year, have made Auld Lang Syne last just a bit longer, and brought to mind the time so long ago when Benjamin and I created his Pompeian House.
    Crèchemania Blog
  4. A Christmas Manger Set, perfect for a child

    The Christmas Manger Set is an ideal nativity for a child: all the pieces are cut out, of sturdy cardboard, that easily fit into cut-out tabs.
    While we're on the subject of children and nativities (For Auld Land Syne) I wanted to share with you a re-issue of an old favorite.

    Its red box that houses the Christmas Manger Set provides for easy storage, and announces: "It Tells the Christmas Story;" "The Christmas Story in beautiful cut-out scenes ...
    Crèchemania Blog
  5. Meet François Debreuille: composer, pipe organ virtuoso, train & crèche enthusiast

     Virtuoso François Debreuille at the keyboards of the organ of Notre Dame Cathedral. 
    After a wonderful trip to Miami Beach and a visit to an ancient monastery and its sculpted relief Nativity, I'm back at Crèchemania Headquarters.

    A fresh blanket of snow covers the Midwest, and the bright colors of Miami that surrounded me just a few days ago have been replaced by white.

    But not on my computer, where bright images of blooming gardens, ...
    Crèchemania Blog
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