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  1. Christmas 2014

    Christmas came early this year — in a practice room far away from home, playing Christmas carols on the recorder and accompanied at the piano by my friend Taesub...

    Mother and Child — and Santa Claus? No, it's St. Basil, who brings toys to Greek children on New Year's Day. Greek pop-up card from 1971; the Crechemania Collection.  
    "A Happy Christmas," courtesy of a vintage Greek pop-up Christmas card. 

    There's a drawer in the attic ...
  2. Musical Angelic Host Nativity

    Magi approach the manger, twin angels ascend, an angelic host revolves around a Christmas tree lit up with tiny LED halos, and Christmas carols fill the air…

    Lights, camera — I mean music — action! The Angelic Host Crèche 2 comes to life with movement, music, and lights. (Please be sure your speaker is on.)

    The vintage Angelic Host Crèche that commands hundreds of dollars. There is no doubt which is the most sought-after paper nativity in ...
    Alexis' Blog
  3. Christmas in the Hills with Celso and Kay

    My friend Celso Rosa visits from Brazil to see the Crèchemania Collection — and finds the spirit of Christmas at Kay Kassube's home in the Black Hills...

    The Fleur-de-lis Nativity graces Kay Kassube's magnificent year-round Christmas tree.  
    It's Christmas year-round at Kay's Black Hills home. 

    Sharing my love of paper nativities with you is the reason for Crè, and hearing from you thrills me just as much as discovering ...
  4. Diorama of the Resurrection

    Christ is Risen!

    The Diorama of the Resurrection is framed by a Gothic tracery depicting the Stations of the Cross. (Mouseover the image above to see a side view.) 
    The first vintage sheet includes the Gothic front and The Entombment of Christ.   The second sheet depicts Golgotha and three figures, including the Virgin Mary. 
      The Resurrection appears on the third sheet. When I was growing up in Greece it ...
    Alexis' Blog
  5. Who said there wasn't a cuckoo at the Nativity? — the Cuckoo Crèche

    The seconds tick by, the cuckoo calls the hour, and the band of shepherds, shepherdesses and sheep revolves around the Nativity…

    The revolving band curves around and its tabs attach to the bottom of the revolving wheel. 

    As the Olympics reminded me, inner and out lanes are of different lengths — and so are outer and inner bands. What I had to do is cut each inner band figure apart, place it on the wrong side of the installed outer band, match it ...
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