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  1. Theater Cuckoo Crèche

    A far cry from the toy theater of my youth — shown below left — the Theater Cuckoo Crèche features glossy Baroque figures, beautiful music box melodies, and motion.
    The must-have cut-out L' Instant Durable edition features a beautiful paper nativity from the museum of Art and Popular Tradition, Innsbruck, Austria. Ever since I first saw the Christmas Crib/Christmas in Tyrol by L' Instant Durable (shown at left) I knew I had to use it to create a special crèche. ...
  2. Christmas 2015

    A Theater Cuckoo Crèche brings back memories of Christmases past...

     A toy theater proscenium provides the stage for the Nativity — the Theater Cuckoo Crèche. (Mouseover the image above to part the curtains, allowing a moment for the image to draw on your page. Photo © Crè 
    My first toy theater, from long-long ago. For me, it wasn't Christmas without a paper nativity to cut and paste.

    And so it was this year, but this ...
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  3. A Crèche for the Sistine Madonna

    A vintage front, a new Gothic apse —a perfect setting for the Sistine Madonna?  
    This vintage crèche features stunning art, a glossy finish and familiar figures.  The story of Raphael's celebrated 1512 masterpiece, the Sistine Madonna, is the stuff of legend.

    Commissioned by Pope Julius II for the altar of the Benedictine Monastery of San Sisto (hence the name "Sistine"), in 1734 it was purchased and brought to Dresden, by Augustus III of Poland. ...
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  4. Updating the 1927 vintage Italian Putti Nativity

    Putti — child winged angels — tumble in a cloudy firmament in this updated version of an Italian vintage original.   
    The original Putti Nativity. Can you spot the differences with the Crèchemania edition, above?  It's always thrilling to see the collection of another crèche enthusiast — albeit from afar.

    This was the case when Celso Battistini Castro Rosa shared the paper nativities he loves with his "Presepe di Carta, Paper Nativities" Exhibition ...
  5. Vivid Miniature Nativities — and a brand-new Free Download!

    Four vintage, discolored, and torn nativity sheets are preserved as four vibrant Vivid Miniature Nativities...

    Vivid Miniature Nativities decorate the Crèchemania Crèche Tree.  
    Vintage nativity sheets in desperate need of some Crèchemania TLC. 

    I found myself out of the country, but not without the paper nativities I love. And I may not have had Internet, but I had Photoshop and scans of the four vintage miniature nativity sheets, ...
    Alexis' Blog
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