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  1. A Monastery Nativity Revisited

    When the ancient 12th Century Spanish Monastery of Our Lady, Queen of the Angels, was dismantled — stone by stone — and brought to Miami, so was this marble Nativity…

    An encore of the beautiful sculpted relief panel to the accompaniment of melodious Gregorian Chant.

     The cloister, pierced by arches supported on slender columns, provided the monks with a quiet space to walk and meditate. At first, it was Benjamin who asked to see more of St. Bernard de Clairvaux ...
    Crèchemania Blog
  2. Kubašta Český Betlém

    Český Betlém nativity sheet (1991) is instantly recognizable as the work of the Czech master Vojtěch Kubašta. 

     Český Betlém, assembled, displays the appealing art and simple contstruction found in the work of Vojtěch Kubašta I can't believe I've been blogging for awhile and the name Vojtěch Kubašta — the late Czech Artist, Illustrator, and Paper Engineer who has given crèche lovers some of their most beguiling nativities — has not come up.

    But leave ...
    Crèchemania Blog
  3. Saying “Goodbye” — Louis Dausse of Paper Models International

     For almost four decades a familiar, beloved, figure in the world of paper model enthusiasts, PMI's Lou Dausse, holding one of the paper models he loves: a P-47 Thunderbolt American fighter plane. (Photo courtesy PMI.)  The rarified ether Carolyn Hobbes is breathing in the Rockies must be giving her clairvoyant powers. How else could she have read my mind? I was just about to blog this page as she was posting the following message to the Crèche Guild:

    I am so ...
    Crèchemania Blog
  4. Nostalgia — Real or Imagined?

     A 1920 vintage nativity, fresh out of the box from Germany, features soft colors, deep embossing — and 88 years worth of nostalgia?  It seems Saying “Goodbye” — Louis Dausse of Paper Models International hit a chord, because I've been hearing from enthusiasts who were touched by the Dausses' adieu after 35 years in the paper model business. You also found in their story much you could relate to.

    Carolyn Hobbes laments that "The Internet is taking over, [and] paper ...
    Crèchemania Blog
  5. Parthenon Replicas — Cement or Paper?

     Τhe Parthenon doesn't just crown Athens — originally built for the 1897 Tennessee Centennial Exposition, this full-sized replica adorns Nashville, "The Athens of the South."   I was nine years old the first time I saw the Parthenon, a wide-eyed village kid on my first trip to the Greek capital with my adoptive parents, just before my voyage to the New World.

    For me, the Greek Gods were as real as Santa Claus was for you, so you can imagine my excitement walking on ...
    Alexis' Blog
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