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  1. Charles Davenport's “Ask Chuck” Paper Modeling Tips & How To's Coming to Crèchemania

    Creativity and fun mark Charles Davenport's paper modeling hobby. His step-by-step how to's, techniques, and instructions? They're modeled to encourage beginners and guide the hand of more experienced paper modelers…

    In this amazing Charles Davenport diorama, Paris' famed Notre Dame Cathedral isn't just lit by a full moon, but also glows from within — with stained glass window printed on transparency film. (Photo courtesy Charles Davenport.) 
    Charles' ...

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  2. May the New Year 2011 bring you Health, Happiness — and the Perfect Print!

    Getting the image on your screen perfectly match the one coming out of your printer is not always easy — but definitely worth the quest…

    Featuring beguiling artwork that has a hand-colored feel, this 8-inch-wide fold-out nativity — even showing some of the deep embossing of the vintage original — is now available as a Premium Download. 
    A Christmas table flower arrangement creates the perfect backdrop for my Vasilópitta Greek sweet New Year's bread — and ...
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  3. Merry Christmas!

    My journey in search of The Nativity takes me to Utica, New York, where the Rev. John E. Mikalajunas, Pastor of the Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church, shares his thoughts on the true meaning of Christmas…

    Lithuanian Christmas — straw, in honor of the Baby Jesus, is spread on the table under the white cloth, a fir tree is decorated, and the family shares a moment of thanks. (Painting courtesy Rev. John E. Mikalajunas, Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church, Utica, New York.) ...
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  4. Icositetrahedron ornament — A Premium Download from Crè

    A Renaissance masterpiece inspires a paper Christmas tree ornament in the shape of an Icositetrahedron Ornament
(composed of 24 identical faces) for you can downoload, print, and assemble…

    What do you get when you combine 24 trapezia and a Vivarini Nativity? The Icositetrahedron Christmas Ornament, of course!There wasn't much more in our geometry class in Greece in terms of teaching aids than a few solids made of polished wood: a cube, a pyramid, a sphere.
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  5. Vojtěch Kubašta Stained Glass Christmas Card

    Kubašta's daughter, Dagmar Kubastovà Vrkljan, shares a beautiful gift from her father's legacy…

    Gold halos crown the Three Kings in this Crèchemania edition of Vojtěch Kubašta's Stained Glass pop-up card. But the Magi are not offering gold, frankinincense, and myrrh, but an orb, an anchor, and a Flaming Heart. Christian symbols all, representing so much more than artistic license.

     Roll over the image above with your mouse to see the Crèchemania ...
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