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  1. Treasures from Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church, Mankato, Minnesota

    As if the beautiful stained glass — including the Nativity — wasn't enough of an inspiration, the Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church museum offers us two ornaments to cherish…

     Roll over the image above with your mouse to see the other side of the Saint Anthony and Christ Child Ornament. 

    The Nativity window, Saints Peter and Paul, Mankato, Minnesota.

    As if the beautiful window of the Nativity — not to mention all the other ...
  2. An old scrapbook page holds a surprise — The Earthenware Jar Nativity

    Glued for eternity on a yellowed, tattered, album page a nativity is discovered amidst a cornucopia of colorful scraps…

     The star, so often missing in vintage paper crèches (extending above the stable it's often torn off) again shines on the two-layered, fold-out, Earthenware Jars Nativity. 
     The star shines againThe one-piece album Earthenware Jar Nativity sans all the decorations. A pleasant surprise

    Blooming roses, cornucopias brimming ...
  3. The Dome Nativity, yours as a Premium Download, Printed Sheet — or as two Miniatures!

    Ingenious construction — and beautiful art — create a superb 3-D effect with just three pieces…

     Four little angels seem to slide from the beam of a six-pointed star, an Easter dome crowns the manger, and the Nativity literally unfolds under its decorated arches: the Joseph and Mary & Child panels fold backwards, the center post, kneeling magi and Shepherd pieces forward, and voilá! A marvelous 3-D paper nativity stands before you. 
     Collin with his Dome Miniature ...
    Crèchemania Blog
  4. From Shakespeare's Globe to Sir Christopher Wren's St Paul — Heritage Models' Roger Pattenden

    "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players… —William Shakespeare

     You could watch bear-baiting or bull-baiting in 1599 at London's Bankside Southwark pleasure district — or one of Shakespeare's renowned plays. Roger Pattenden's Heritage Models kit faithfully recreates Shakespeare's Globe playhouse in a 1:150 scale that allows for fine detailing like the Pillars of Hercules (clearly shown in this aerial view of the open-air Globe), the twin columns supporting ...
    Alexis' Blog
  5. Rev. Thomas Davies Clay's Inspirational Cathedral Quest—& Remarkable Cathedral Models

    "A quest to experience the great cathedrals and historic churches of Europe," through travel — and paper models…

     Crenelations and diamond-patterned tiles ring the spires, and flying buttresses the apse of the Church of Our Lady — Budapest's 13th century St. Matthias Cathedral — in Thomas Davies Clay's superb 3-D Karton paper model. (Photo courtesy Thomas Davies Clay.) 

     Thomas Davies Clay on his Cathedral Quest, with the lacy flying buttresses of St. ...
    Alexis' Blog
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