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  1. In Malta, Julian Scicluna — and 60 young enthusiasts! — enjoy a crib-making session

    "It looked like a scene from Santa's Grotto," Julian says, "with some sixty little elves busy at work making nativities!

     Proud children of employees of Malta's Bank of Valletta Plc., with their Nativity glass paintings and mentor, artist Joanne Cassar. (Photo courtesy Julian Scicluna.) 

     A crib-making invitation in One to One magazine of the Bank of Valletta, Plc., showcases a familiar image — the Crèchemania Svatava Nativity. (Photo courtesy Bank of ...

    Updated 12-30-2011 at 11:51 AM by Alexis ("It looked like a scene from Santa's grotto," Julian says, "with some sixty little elves busy at work maing nativities!")

  2. Alexis' Christmas 2011 Letter

    Merry Christmas Friends and Season's Greetings to all…

     Miniatures nativities measuring 3.5 inches wide and weighing about .10 ounces or less hang from the delicate branches of this year's Miniature Crèche Tree. 

     Play a note, and the Miniature Crèche Tree and its crèches dance on top of the grand piano. 

    It isn't just seven year old Grace and 6 years old Allie dancing on Grandpa Mike's knees, but my Miniature Crèche Tree dancing on ...
    Alexis' Blog
  3. Investing in paper nativities?

     You, too, can invest in a beautiful paper nativity, but not for the hundreds of dollars of the crèche craze on the Internet — the brand-new Gothic Arch Nativity Premium Download. 

     "The Frank-Perola Czech Advertising Sheet Free Download, courtesy of Svatava Vizinová. I know the world is going through an economic crisis, but are people really abandoning bonds, stocks — even gold! — and investing in paper nativities?

    How else to explain the Internet ...
    Alexis' Blog
  4. Happy Thanksgiving! — Boughs of Holly Card Free Download

    It's a time to give thanks…

     Shown more than twice its real size of three by five inches, the Christmas Rose Postcard is a vintage die-cut from the Crèchemnia Collection. 

     A decorated piece of pumpkin pie provides a welcome break from all the Thanskgiving cutting-and-pasting. The house is filled with guests and wonderful Thanksgiving smells, and I'm sitting at the kitchen table, Turkey baster at the ready.

    But also in front of me ...
    Alexis' Blog
  5. Glad tidings: brand new Free and Premium Downloads and a nativity sheet!

    A long hiatus — a 9,000 mile road trip from the Midwest to the West, then East Coast, and back — makes this enthusiast long for his X-acto knife and paper nativity sheets…

     The fold-out Thurible Nativity No. 8 — now a brand-new Premium Download — is among the most beautiful in the Crèchemania collection. 

     "Gloria in Excelsis Deot!" banners in English, French, German, Spanish, Czech, Portuguese, and Greek are included in the Thurible Nativity No. 8 Premium ...
    Alexis' Blog
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