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  1. Rose and Transept Window of The Nativity, Sacred Heart Church, Toledo, Ohio

    Thank you, Sister Virginia Welsh, for guiding me to the Sacred Heart Church and its magnificent window of The Nativity; Royce Wicks, for opening the doors of the church and sharing your appreciation of its sacred art; Mike Snyder, for sharing your love for your church; and Father Frank Eckart, for sharing the true meaning of The Nativity…

     Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, Toledo, Ohio — a magnificent Nativity unfolds in three panels, crowned by the Star of Bethlehem and a brilliant ...
    Guest Blog
  2. A Cuzco School Nativity — The Cathedral of Christ the Light, Oakland, California

    Concrete, metal, glass, and wood may be the building blocks of Oakland's 21st century Cathedral, but these most basic of materials are transformed by natural light into an ethereal, spiritual, space. Shepherded by then Oakland's Bishop Vigneron and designed by a gifted group of San Francisco architects headed by Craig Hartman, The Cathedral of Christ the Light stands as a testament to faith and divinely-inspired design…

     Like the ribs of a biblical arc, the wood latticework ...
    Alexis' Blog
  3. A voice from the past — Forrest Womack, a soldier at Iraq war, inspired by a crèche

    "I am astonished and awestruck at just how lovely and lovingly detailed this crèche is," wrote United States Military Academy at West Point Graduate Forrest Womack from Iraq, "and I am impatient to see how it will look when I assemble it, having no doubt about its power to inspire…"

    Crèchemania Blog
  4. S. Smith Photography — spiritual images imbued with beauty, grace — and faith

    A deep faith radiates in inspiring images of religious art and church-event photography…

    "You see many Flight Into Egypt windows," Scott Smith says, "but in this depiction — which is the opening image of my Home Page — there's such an intimacy between the Christ Child and Our Lady. They're fleeing, but the artist has portrayed the connection between Mother and Child so powerfully." Flight Into Egypt, Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Augusta, Georgia. (Photo © S. Smith Photography.) ...
    Alexis' Blog
  5. Judy Davis’ ”Friends Of The Crèche Guide to Permanent Nativity Displays“

    Judy Davis — friend, art lover, collector, world traveler, and bibliographer, former Vice President of Friends Of The Crèche — talks about the Guide to Permanent Nativity Displays — In the U.S. and Around the World, and the organization she loves: the Friends Of The Crèche…

    Judy Davis' crèche collection includes this bright aluminum-foil extravaganza from Poland (above, left). Bob and Judy, in the Czech Republic, visiting nativities during a Friends Of The Crèche International ...
    Alexis' Blog
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