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  1. A Monastery Nativity

    This marvelous 17th century sculpted relief panel of The Visit of the Magi, in Italian marble by an anonymous artist, is one of the treasures of the St. Bernard de Clairvaux Ancient Spanish Monastery, North Miami Beach.
    It may be January 10, but the only evidence of winter here in South Beach are the Christmas decorations that still festoon the lamp posts. Gold stars and ribbons, and artificial garland—looking even more so in the sunshine—line Ocean Drive, the pulsating center of this ...
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  2. Don't be afraid to post a comment

    Hello again friends of Crechemania!

    I left off last time explaining how you can upload an avatar into your user profile so we could all see who you are when you post to one of the blogs. Today I'd like to go through the process of posting a comment to a blog entry.

    For those of you who don't know how to do this, here is a step-by-step course in posting a comment to a blog entry...

    1. If you haven't registered yet, please go through the registration process
  3. Crèchemania wants to see You!

    Happy New Year friends of Crechemania!

    Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm the Benjamin, Alexis' godson, who he talks about in his Christmas Day 2008 blog post, his For Auld Lang Syne blog post, and his A Christmas Manger Set, perfect for a child blog post.

    Although I am the guy who built the Pompeiian house with Alexis... I'm not really a creche aficionado. But I am helping Alexis with the mechanics and features of this site so that you (who are) can get the most ...
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  4. A Christmas Manger Set, perfect for a child

    The Christmas Manger Set is an ideal nativity for a child: all the pieces are cut out, of sturdy cardboard, that easily fit into cut-out tabs.
    While we're on the subject of children and nativities (For Auld Land Syne) I wanted to share with you a re-issue of an old favorite.

    Its red box that houses the Christmas Manger Set provides for easy storage, and announces: "It Tells the Christmas Story;" "The Christmas Story in beautiful cut-out scenes ...
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  5. For Auld Lang Syne — A Pompeiian House for Benjamin

    Michelle, who has been reading our Enthusiasts pages, writes, "It does seem that the seed was planted for Crèche collecting and art when they where children. Helping children make Crèches every year may spark that interest in a child that may have that special gift to create beauty."

    Michelle's words, coming a day after the New Year, have made Auld Lang Syne last just a bit longer, and brought to mind the time so long ago when Benjamin and I created his Pompeian House.
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