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  1. At Christmas, Father Anthony Salzman offers an icon of the Nativity — and a message

    "The Nativity is a now moment for us," says Father Anthony. "‘Σήμερον Χριστός Γεννάται.’ Today Christ is Born!

    The Birth of Christ "written" by Father Anthony Salzman and Aris Kovaci and inspired by a manuscript in Saint Catherine’s Monastery, Mt. Sinai. (Crèchemania Collection.) 

    Written in pencil, in a child's script, Greek lyrics to a Christmas carol — A desire to sing along and be a part of Christmas in America. The first ...
  2. The facade of the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella graces a paper nativity

    A masterpiece of Renaissance art, a magnificent facade by Leon Battista Alberti, adorns a paper nativity...

    A vintage crèche, a new facade — the Santa Maria Novella Nativity shown larger than its 4 x 4.75 x 1.75 inches. 

    The original asymmetrical front of the vintage paper nativity. Do the Magi figures of the Santa Maria Novella Nativity look familiar?

    That's because they're the same as those featured in the Garland Nativity ...
  3. Who said there wasn't a cuckoo at the Nativity? — the Cuckoo Crèche

    The seconds tick by, the cuckoo calls the hour, and the band of shepherds, shepherdesses and sheep revolves around the Nativity…

    The revolving band curves around and its tabs attach to the bottom of the revolving wheel. 

    As the Olympics reminded me, inner and out lanes are of different lengths — and so are outer and inner bands. What I had to do is cut each inner band figure apart, place it on the wrong side of the installed outer band, match it ...
  4. Diorama of the Resurrection

    Christ is Risen!

    The Diorama of the Resurrection is framed by a Gothic tracery depicting the Stations of the Cross. (Mouseover the image above to see a side view.) 
    The first vintage sheet includes the Gothic front and The Entombment of Christ.   The second sheet depicts Golgotha and three figures, including the Virgin Mary. 
      The Resurrection appears on the third sheet. When I was growing up in Greece it ...
    Alexis' Blog
  5. Christmas 2014

    Christmas came early this year — in a practice room far away from home, playing Christmas carols on the recorder and accompanied at the piano by my friend Taesub...

    Mother and Child — and Santa Claus? No, it's St. Basil, who brings toys to Greek children on New Year's Day. Greek pop-up card from 1971; the Crechemania Collection.  
    "A Happy Christmas," courtesy of a vintage Greek pop-up Christmas card. 

    There's a drawer in the attic ...
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