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An old scrapbook page holds a surprise — The Earthenware Jar Nativity

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Glued for eternity on a yellowed, tattered, album page a nativity is discovered amidst a cornucopia of colorful scraps…

The star, so often missing in vintage paper crèches (extending above the stable it's often torn off) again shines on the two-layered, fold-out, Earthenware Jars Nativity. 

The star shines againThe one-piece album Earthenware Jar Nativity sans all the decorations. 
A pleasant surprise

Blooming roses, cornucopias brimming with posies, valentine hearts — and hands — draped with trellises.

A horseshoe-and-mistletoe die-cut. A bright holly leaf ringed with bright red berries. A green maple leaf floating on a bed of daisies.

Scraps of bunnies, piglets, ducks and ducklings, chickens and roosters and their young, a family of guinea pigs having their supper, pigeons drinking from a water pail.

And angels, angels, angels everywhere! Crowned with flowers, holding garlands, trailing banners.

The album pages are crumbling and what's left are held together, it seems, only by the glue that binds all the colorful scraps to the page for all eternity.

But, could it be? Among the tiny scraps, miraculously showing no sign of age, is the Earthenware Jar Nativity! (See photo at left).

It's a lovely image, one that I had actually purchased on the Web not long ago. But that so-called "repro" was a sad version of this beautiful German vintage original: gone were the heavy, glossy, paper that allowed for deep embossing; gone were the bright colors; and gone was the exquisite lithography: the modern piece seemed to have been xeroxed instead.

My scrapbook surprise did share one element with the modern piece: they both lacked a star.

It's the first thing to go, it seems, as Brazil enthusiast Celso Rosa will attest: he just purchased a lovely nativity scene that's missing it's star as well.

So you can imagine my excitement upon seeing this 9.5 x 6.5 nativity "scrap." Surely, I wasn't about to let a missing star deter my enthusiasm in sharing the Earthenware Jar Nativity with you.

But first I had to prune all those little angel wings, heads and flower petals that overlaid its edges.

But no matter how slowly, how methodically I worked, I was decapitating angels right and left.

Careful to keep all the little fragile pieces in plastic bags — you never know when I'll be entering my putti stage — I had freed the perimeter of the nativity at last.

But lifting it of the page? Not in this lifetime.

Create a special centerpiece with setting the Earthenware Nativity Ornament in your arrangement. 
Earthenware Jar Nativity Ornament Sheet

And now, dear readers, you know how the Earthenware Jars Nativity Ornament Sheet came about.

Here it is, at left, gracing what could be your Christmas table centerpiece — and all you need to do is devote just a few moments to cutting it out.

The star shines again

You'll notice that a five-pointed, ten-sided, star now shines on the manger, restored from the rays found on the roof.

And it occurred to me to offer you a mirror-image version of the Earthenware Jars Nativity Ornament, just in case you wished to hang it and wanted two finished sides. Slip a loop of gold cord between the two pieces — or punch a hole at top center — and you're in business.

Although missing from the scrapbook nativity, I've also added cellophane to the windows because they add such a nice touch, and you just might wish to do the same.

The Earthenware Jar Miniature Ornament Sheet contains six 3.5 x 2 5/8 nativities. 
Earthenware Jar Nativity Miniature Ornaments

I love the large size of the nativity centerpiece — it highlights the lovely art so beautifully — but what about smaller ornaments?

The answer, shown at left, was the Earthenware Jar Nativity Miniature Ornaments Sheet that offers you six 3.5 x 2 5/8 ornaments to be displayed individually or be combined into three front-and-back finished pairs.

Besides these printed sheets — quality ink-jet fade resistant ektachrome inks on heavyweight professional paper — there are Premium Downloads versions for you to print again and again and again.

And, Premium Downloads & Printed Sheets Combos at a savings.

Earthenware Jars Nativity Sheet

Among all this creative excitement it came to me: I had seen this nativity before!

A frantic search through the Crèchemania Collection found it tucked way in a drawer (see image, top of page).

A two-layer fold-out crèche, it measures 8.5 x 7 x .75 inches and features the nativity scene attached to a band that extends 3/4 of an inch in front of the manger. The two-layer construction reveals the stable with the donkey and cow and more jars, hence the added "s" in "Jars" in the title.

You can see it all, including its construction, by mouseovering on the thumbnails to the right of the main image on the Earthenware Jars Nativity Sheet.

Especially suitable for children

If created by a child, the two-layer construction of the Earthenware Jars Nativity Sheet would need your guiding hand.

But the simple, one-piece versions? Why, even a four-year-old could do it, as my good friend Noula's young grandson, Perikles, showed us.

No sooner had little Perikles put his rounded-tip scissors down, he posed with his miniature. 
Cutting around the outline of the nativity is easy, even for little hands. And what could it matter if a little too much straw is cut off here or there? Practice makes perfect, and — with your Earthenware Jar Nativity Miniature Ornaments Premium Download, you can keep printing to your kid's heart's content.

He was so proud, even making his modeling debut afterwards. Here he is, showing off his miniature — and his smile.


— Alexis

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