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A Christmas Manger Set, perfect for a child

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The Christmas Manger Set is an ideal nativity for a child: all the pieces are cut out, of sturdy cardboard, that easily fit into cut-out tabs.
While we're on the subject of children and nativities (For Auld Land Syne) I wanted to share with you a re-issue of an old favorite.

Its red box that houses the Christmas Manger Set provides for easy storage, and announces: "It Tells the Christmas Story;" "The Christmas Story in beautiful cut-out scenes and life-like figures;" and that, "It fascinates young and old."

Well, I can I attest to No. 1 and No. 2—the Nativity is portrayed in beautiful images so life-like that almost makes you believe you're looking at a tableau of human figures.

And I certainly can attest to No. 3: you should have seen my excitement when Benjamin and his family gave it to me for Christmas, and, the Lord knows, I'm no longer a child.

Benjamin's resourceful wife, Krista, unearthed this little treasure—actually, it measures 27 x 7.5 x 11.5 inches assembled—and I couldn't wait to share it with you.

This image of children kneeling at the stable clearly shows the pop-up tabs that allow easy set-up—and hold the pieces securely in place.
You may have seen a earlier edition of this Christmas Manger Set on Web auction sites, or you may have even had one as a child. This edition (by Shackman) is virtually indistinguishable from the original, featuring the same scale, the glossy finish, the heavy card stock, and the pop-up tabs with the names of the figures so that even a child can put it together. I couldn't resist adding additional photos so you could really appreciate its beauty: you'll also find the Christmas Manger Set in our Manger Scenes pages.

The Christmas Manger Set is what I call a table-top nativity. In other words, it does not pop-up or fold-out, and needs to be assembled to be displayed on a flat surface.

Also known as Manger Scenes, these nativities—sooner or later—end up with some pieces missing. That's because those pieces are usually arranged on a flat surface, not tightly held in place by tabs on the Christmas Manger Set base.

This colorful set includes lying-down sheep, another sheep and a lamb, a goat, Magi and their three camels, shepherds, Three sheherd boys (one holding a baby lamb), a cow, and a donkey. The manger is made up of a single piece that folds forward to create a 3-dimensional stall topped by a timber roof.

The Star of Bethlehem shines above, and a hole has been punched through its base and the roof, allowing the insertion of a low-voltage bulb that would bathe the Baby, Mary, and Joseph in a soft light.

Two backgrounds that fit in tabs on either side of the manger feature Cypress trees and a far-away view of Bethlehem complete The Christmas Manger Set. It's sure to become a favorite of young and old.

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