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Candles Triptych — A Free Download

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In three layers created out of a single sheet, the Magi adore and candles burn brightly — the Candle Triptych. 

"Up In the Air" is a new movie about a man who lives out of his suitcase, and I can't wait to see it.

I'll be comparing the verisimilitude of the picture with my experience this summer when I was on the go for almost three months.

I've been sharing some of my journey on this blog, but what I haven't had time to share with you are the beautiful nativities I was thrilled to discover.

There's a sublime Byznatine Nativity from the Russian State Museum in St. Petersburg; exquisite paintings from Berlin's Gemäldegalerie; and beautiful paper crèches that pop-up and take your breath away.

I've also have been wanting to augment Crèchemania's Free Download offerings, and now that I'm home I am doing just that with the Candle Triptych (see top of page).

Jennifer Hooton sent me this nativity to share with you. "I have acquired some more antique crèches," she writes, "and I gingerly disassembled and scanned them in the hope that you could put one or two on the Crèchemania site. If you are so inclined, and if you have the time."

Having disassembled a nativity myself once I know that it is always done with a heavy heart. So the least I could do was fulfill Jennifer's request.

I happened to have the Candle Triptych in my collection, and in fact had it scanned long ago, in thoughts of sharing it with you. Thanks, Jennifer, for spurring me into action!

Cut along white dotted lines; fold towards you along yellow; away from you along red; fold end flpas under center panel. 
The CandleTriptych

The Adoration of the Magi is the subject of this Candle Triptych gilded nativity, printed on a single sheet.

A Gloria in Excelsis Deo scroll and a five-pointed star crown the Nativity Triptych, and the gold gilt gives it glittering mosaic feel.

Framed by gothic windows filled with burning candles, this pop-up table-top nativity is simple to cut and fold.

In the diagram at left, white dotted lines indicate cuts (with an X-acto knife); yellow lines folds towards you, red folds away from you. Scoring with a pounce wheel or other blunt edge before folding is recommended.

After all the folds are made, line up side flaps under center base — and enjoy your brand-new nativity!

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