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Christmas in July: a Mistletoe Christmas Diorama for Terri — and you!

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A sunlit 4th of July, a beautiful view, a delicious picnic, wonderful friends — and a Mistletoe Christmas Diorama for Terri…

Terri Carlson, celebrating the Fourth in red-white-and-blue, with her Mistletoe Diorama. 

Taking time out from the fireworks for Terri's mistletoe shoot — note the creative use, by Craig and David, of a kitchen towel for a scrim to soften the direct sunlight, and the colorful throw acting as a background, courtesy of Benjamin. 
When friends Craig and Terri Carlson ask us to their lake house for the 4th of July, I know what I have do — besides punching in the address in my Droid GPS.

I print the Mistletoe Christmas Card Diorama on a couple of Epson Professional Media Matte Paper Heavyweight 13 x 19 inch sheets.

Terri, you see, is a scrapbook aficionado, and has been wanting to add paper crèches to her repertoire. But, before embarking on nativities and ever loving a creative challenge, Terri ever-so-carefully cut out the Columbine Rhombic Hexcontrahedron. She's in the process of assembling this marvelous sixty diamond-shaped faced mysterious shape for her husband Craig who loves columbines.

So, while Craig is attending to his pork loin on the grill on the porch — basting it at regular interals with a delicious, home-made sauce — and Terri is busy cross-stitching towels for her son Corey, I take out my favorite Helix Self-healing Cutting Mat, my X-Acto knife, and my Mistletoe Diorama printouts and go to work.

It's a beautiful day, a beautiful home, a beautiful view. Terri and Craig's lake house is mostly huge curtain-less windows that let in the bright sun — and the panorama of the surrounding woods and Lewis and Clark Lake.

Every time Craig, sauce and basting brush in hand, opens the porch door, a delicious aroma wafts in. I can't wait to taste Craig's special barbeque, but, for the moment, I make do with celery sticks, cheese, nuts, and other treats that Terri, ever the great hostess, has arranged in red-white-and-blue dishes on the kitchen island. And did I mention one of Craig's delicious specialties, citrus margaritas?

Create a Mistletoe Christmas Diorama by inserting spacers between six layers of a vintage nativity scene. 

All six layers of the Mistletoe Diorama cut, and the fun of assembly begins.

I use small pieces of quarter-inch foam core, that I cut into quarter-inch squares, as spacers between the different layers to create a lovely 3-D effect.

First, a dab of glue on each of four spacers, and the dark Oval is attached to the gold rectangular Background. (See image at left.) The Mistletoe Diorama Background printout has an oval outline, and centering the Oval piece is easy.

Then the red angel is attached to the Oval with a single spacer, centering it on the Oval's Angel outline.

Before attaching the Manger piece to the Oval, I need to create two double spacers, since, as you can see from the diorama image at left, the red Angel fits between the Manger and the Oval.

By glueing two foam core pieces together one double spacer is done. I make one more double spacer, and attach the Manger piece to the Oval, making sure it is set in it proper place, checking by eye to make sure it's placed as shown in the image at left, it's bottom edge lining up with the Oval below.

For the Virgin and Child piece, I need one spacer between it and the Manger, and three spacers between it and the Oval, below. So three spacers are glued together, the Virgin and Child piece is attached, making sure — again — that it aligns with the Oval.

On the 4th, Christmas in July at Terri's lake home. 
My diorama is looking good.

All that remains is to attach to the Background four columns of five spacers, between the Oval and each Background corner, and — making sure that the bottom edges of the Front and Background align and are parallel, to attach the Front.

Just see how at-home the Mistletoe Diorama looks with Terri's candle decor (image at left).

Or tucked among the geraniums of her large twig wreath that hangs above the down staircase (see image, below).

In fact, if my Godson Benjamin didn't want to see 160,000 cubic feet of water per second spilling into the Missouri from Gavins Point Dam, I would have completed another Mistletoe Diorama for Terri's wreath.

The Mistletoe Premium Download

Mistletoe and blue morning glories frame the Nativity on this glossy vintage Christmas card from the 1920s. (Dated by the one-cent George Washington stamp on the reverse.)

This delightful scene is not only filled with beauty, but tenderness: The Virgin holds her Newborn Baby Jesus close to her heart, and a young angel — half hidden behind a column — shyly reaches out to hold the Babe's hand.

Mistletoe and blue morning glories mingle with red geraniums in Terri's twigs wreath. 
Three other angels surround the manger, and the rays of an unseen star illuminate the darkness.

I was so enamored by this postcard that I'm offering it to you in three variations: as a Mistletoe Christmas Diorama, Mistletoe Christmas Card, or Mistletoe Die-cut Christmas Card.

Or, save, and buy all three as the Mistletoe Christmas Card Collection!

Mistletoe Christmas Diorama

The Mistletoe Christmas Diorama — shown at left, nestled in Terri's twig wreath — is so much fun and so simple to make, you'll start on a second one just as soon as you finish your first, just as I have done.

The step-by-step instructions included in the Mistletoe Christmas Diorama Premium Download — will guide you in placing each piece of your diorama just where it belongs.

You'll be pleasantly surprised, just as I was, how a few spacers can created such a delightful 3-D effect!

Mistletoe Christmas Card

Print, trim, fold, and fold again — The Mistletoe Christmas Card.
Just fold in half and half again to create the Mistletoe Christmas Card.

Just one piece of letter-sized paper is needed. After trimming the excess white areas, score along the two dotted lines, and you've created your Mistletoe Christmas Card.

Tie a strand of gold thread, or ribbon and add a special touch to your Mistletoe Christmas Card.

Another nice touch — I have many such vintage cards in my collection — would be to print the Front/Back and Inside pages of your card on different weight paper: heavier for the front and back, finer for the inside pages.

It's all so simple, even a child could do it, but you'll want to help.

Mistletoe Christmas Die-cut Card

The Mistletoe Die-cut Christmas Card features a die-cut oval that reveals the nativity scene inside.

Creating this card is quite simple with our Mistletoe Die-cut Christmas Card PDF and included simple instructions.

An oval window reveals the Nativity inside — the Mistletoe Die-cut Christmas Card.
And if you're feeling adventurous, try our second Mistletoe Die-cut Christmas Card variation, and also trim the white areas outside of the front garland (as shown in the image at left) giving your card even more of a vintage die-cut feel.

Mistletoe Christmas Card Collection

Fellow enthusiasts love our Premium Download collections, and the Mistletoe Christmas Card Collection just might be for you.

Once you get the Mistletoe Christmas Card Collection the only problem will be deciding which one to make first.



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